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Book Cover for Family Stories from Galicia

Please join us for a presentation of Talbot's recent book Family Stories From Galicia at The Museum of Jewish Heritage on Monday, December 9th 2019, 2-3:30 pm.

Family Stories From Galicia, a presentation by Gallery Educator – Nina Talbot on her recent book, features interviews and stories of Talbot’s family, survivors and their descendants from Galicia, the historic area in southeastern Poland, which prior to World War I was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The book includes family trees, photographs, tombstone documentation from cemeteries in the US, Poland and Hungary, research material relating to ancestors and documentation of Talbot’s travelling painting exhibition in Poland related to her family research.

Family Stories From Galicia is a sequel to Talbot’s Faces of Dynów, which highlights her painting series with accompanied text. Both books will be available for purchase following the presentation.


Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust
Edmond J. Safra Plaza
36 Battery Place
New York, NY 10280

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Nina Talbot and Mark Rand present "Does Place Have Memory?"
II International Conference, Jews In Galicia, Kraków, September 10-12, 2019

Our presentation will take place on September 12, 2019, 10:30 AM. Organizers: Institute of Jewish Studies, Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Galicia Jewish Museum, Kraków, Jewish Community Centre JCC, Kraków, Department of Jewish History and Culture, Institute of History, University of Rzeszów in cooperation with Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv (Ukraine), Institute of History and Archival Studies, Pedagogical University of Kraków.

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Book Cover for Family Stories from Galicia

by Nina Talbot

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"Family Stories From Galicia" includes stories based on interviews of family members from the historic area of Galicia in Poland. The interviews reflect histories of pre-war immigration, Holocaust survival and post-war stories. Also included are genealogy trees, photographs, cemetery stones in New York, New Jersey, Budapest, Dynów and documentation of Talbot's painting exhibitions in Poland.

by Nina Talbot

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Painter Nina Talbot's portraits and stories of family, friends and famous rabbis from her ancestral town of Dynów in the historical area of Galicia in Poland.

The neighborhood in Dynów where The Polish Jewry Heritage Center is located has been named, 'Village Bnei Yisaschar,' referring to the famous rabbi from Dynów (c.1783 - 1841).

Talbot's mural in the sanctuary of the center was based on paintings that were in one of the three synagogues in Dynów that was burned down by the Nazis on Rosh Hashanah, September 15th 1939 during the Nazi invasion. The mural was installed on the eastern wall of the sanctuary in September 1915.

Talbot’s Faces of Dynów paintings and historical panels were featured in the
International Holocaust Days of Memory in Dynów, Podkarpackie region, Poland:
“Trzy Kultury” (Three Cultures: Polish, Jewish and Ukrainian) Festival, January 26, 2018

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» Rzeszów County News coverage of Trzy Kultury

During the 'Three Cultures; Polish, Jewish & Ukrainian' ceremony, high school students beautifully presented speeches and a music program on Friday. A highlight of the program was viewing the exhibition of paintings and historical panels entitled Faces of Dynów created by the painter Nina Talbot. The paintings were inspired by Talbot's grandmother Bella Neger, who was from Dynów. The paintings depict the artist's ancestors as well as contemporary inhabitants of the town. The works are installed in the High School and can be viewed after the culture event by appointment.

from the "Digital Fountain" newsletter of Judson Church – Faces in the Crowd

Faces in the Crowd is a mural painted by Nina Talbot that was created in 1990 and installed in the lobby of The Lincoln Plaza Cinemas until the theatre closed January 31, 2018. Talbot was inspired by the multiplicity of people lining up to see films in the historic theatre, which was in operation for thirty-six years. Faces in the Crowd is dedicated to the memory of Nina’s late father Daniel Talbot, who was the operator of the Lincoln Plaza.

The mural is now in it’s new home at The Judson Church.

Nina Talbot is a painter whose work has been seen in numerous museums locally and internationally. Her work is organized into series that document the lives of people from the neighborhood and across the globe.

Faces in the Crowd mural, in its original location on last day of the Lincoln Plaza. Photograph courtesy of Maria Dominguez.

Coverage of Talbot's Faces of Dynów exhibition at Zamosc Synagogue December 2016 - January 2017
The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage 2016 annual report, pgs. 29-30.

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Faces of Dynów: Portraits and Stories from an Ancestral Town in Galicia
Artist/genealogy talk at the Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island

Sunday, Dec. 10, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Mid-Island Y-JCC
45 Manetto Hill Road
Long Island, NY 11803

Artist Nina Talbot’s genealogical research led to the creation of a painting series, Faces of Dynów, depicting the lives of people from that Polish town from the 1920s through the present day. A book, also titled Faces of Dynów, was published in conjunction with the exhibit, which has been shown in Kraków, Zamosc, and Dynów, Poland. In addition to doing online research, Nina visited archives in Israel, Poland, and New York and interviewed descendants of her Neger and Spinrad families in the U.S. and abroad. She will discuss both her research and her art work in a talk illustrated with images, archival records, photographs, and audio clips of some of the interviews she conducted.

Faces of Dynów (Twarze Dynowa) will travel to:

Stankiewicz Family Home
Jana Pawla 20
Dynów, Poland, 36-065

The exhibit will open on Saturday July 15, 2017 as part of the Dynów annual cultural festival.

Day of Holocaust Remembrance

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Talbot's exhibits covered in the December issue of The Galitzianer, The Quarterly Research Journal of Gesher Galicia

Talbot's Faces of Dynów series featured in the Day of Holocaust Remembrance in the Podkarpackie region of Poland by The Association for the Promotion and Development of the Dynowskie - Society of Friends of the Earth Dynowski


Faces of Dynów exhibit in Kraków covered in November issue of Dynów newspaper Dynowinka, with article by history professor Maciej Jurasiński

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Faces of Dynów
(Twarze Dynowa)

Synagogue Center of the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage
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14 Pereca St.
22-400 Zamosc, Poland
December 1, 2016 - January 5, 2017


Local news websites annoucements:,n,1000190414.html

Local radio reportage (photos and audio):,twarze-dynowa

Zamosc Tourist Information website:

3rd High School website:

Chief Warrant Officer Andrew Le
Louisiana National Guard
Oil/linen, 48" x 42" 2016

Veterans paintings travel to:

Louisiana National Guard Museum
Jackson Barracks
6400 Saint Claude Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70117-1456

Public Reception: Friday, Nov. 11, 2016
Exhibition dates : Nov. 11, 2016 - Nov. 15, 2017

Anti-Heroin Chic article
Interview with artist Nina Talbot

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The Galitzianer,
The Quarterly Research Journal of Gesher Galicia,
March 2016 issue,
FACES OF DYNÓW article, pages 5-9.

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Women In Military Service of America Memorial
at Arlington, VA

March 16, 2016 - March 16, 2017 extended to mid-April 2017
Reception: Friday, March 20, 2016  11am-1pm
Hours of Museum: Daily, 8am-5pm
› U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs blog

In her new series of paintings entitled Our Women Veterans, artist Nina Talbot presents twelve portraits of American women Veterans, superimposed on images of their private lives, and of their rarely told personal stories. By using translucent layers of paint, the artist portrays the women’s’ faces on a background of their memories from their lifetime - moments from their lives before service, events they experienced in life in the military, and life after deployment. The artist’s work is driven by her intimate conversations with the Veterans. Collaborator Sophie Rand wrote the stories based on Talbot’s interviews with the Veterans.

The words of the women are placed in the writings hanging next to the paintings. Joan A. Furey, for example, a nurse who served in Vietnam, stated, “You’re aware of the awful price that’s being paid,” a message that serves as a wake-up call for the civilian viewer of the image, who may have little appreciation of the depth of sacrifice of the Veteran.

Through stories from a wide variety of subjects the viewer is transported to scenes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, Somalia and Vietnam and our military bases within the United States. In these paintings we see how the women Veterans’ identities are shaped and defined by their military experiences. Sarah Mess, for example, a Veteran of Mogadishu, tells of her life since her service in Somalia-“You can’t unknow what you know.” This series of paintings also tells us that to understand women in military service, we must understand the experiences of the individual women who served. JoAnn Session, a U.S. stateside Veteran passionately stated, I wanted the challenge. I wanted to train, spy, sniper, jump out of planes.

Our Women Veterans is a “visual oral history”, and it is an appreciation, recognition, and communication of the lives of our women Veterans. The paintings work to bridge the gap between civilian and military life, so that the public can appreciate Veterans’ struggles - in particular women Veterans’ struggles - and give proper recognition. Brigadier General Wilma Vaught states, “It’s just a history that needs to be recorded and told. For many decades it wasn’t being recorded, the memorabilia wasn’t being collected, and now it is. And it’ll be here hopefully for all time.” The paintings and stories convey the pressing need for a civilian understanding of the realities and experiences of Veterans from current and past generations.

Wilma Vaught
(Ret.) U.S. Air Force, Brigadier-General
Zenobia Marion
Gulf War, U.S. Army, Patriot Missile Loader
82nd Division Airborne

Dynów mural installation in the sanctuary of the Polish Jewry Heritage Center


The Judaica Foundation
located at ul. Meiselsa 17 street, Kraków, Poland
Opens: Wednesday, September 28, 2016   6pm

These portraits by Nina Talbot, depict the stories of her ancestors who lived in the historical town of Dynów. The paintings are a product of Talbot’s trip to Dynów on Rosh Hashanah of 2013. While the initial goal of her trip was to investigate the emigration of her grandmother Bella from Dynów to New York City, what Talbot encountered was a town living in the shadow of a massacre of Jews that took place there at the hands of the Nazis on the second day of Rosh Hashanah in 1939.

Talbot’s discovery of the twenty-nine names of her murdered great uncles, aunts and cousins imprinted on the wall of the sanctuary in the newly built Jewish Center Dynów catalyzed a new focus of the trip toward rediscovery of the lost lives. Confronting the loss of so many lives made Talbot realize "My grandmother left first, and that's why I'm here.” This work presents an inner point of view from Talbot's family that gives the viewer a path to wander down and meditate upon their own reflections of their histories. Talbot weaves the faces, places and family relationships into her complex, yet hopeful portraits of the vanished Jews from Dynów.

Four prints from the paintings are on permanent display and gifted to:
The Polish Jewry Heritage Center
Lazienna 70 36-065
Dynów, Poland

Bella NegerBella Neger
Sam NagerSam Nager
Wertenteil FamilyWertenteil Family
Dinover Rabbi DynestyDinover Rabbi Dynesty

» Jewish Genealogy at Jewish Historical Center in Warsaw



paintings by Nina Talbot
with stories by Sophie Rand

Catalogue available, published in conjunction with the exhibition.
Nina Talbot Veterans series of paintings with stories by Sophie Rand based on Talbot’s interviews with 20 American war veterans. Introductions by Dr. Robert Jay Lifton, author of Home from the War: Learning from Vietnam and Veterans and Death in Life: Survivors of Hiroshima, and Dr. Nancy Sherman, Professor of Philosophy and Fellow of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University, author of The Untold War: Inside the Hearts, Minds and Souls of our Soldiers, and Stoic Warriors: The Ancient Philosophy Behind the Military Mind. Signed by Talbot and Rand.

Call to order AHEC Museum shop: 717-258-1102, ext. 7  
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July 17, 2014 – April 20, 2015
U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center

March 16 – August 24, 2014
Bronx Museum of the Arts


» AHEC hosts a series of paintings depicting veterans’ stories, The Sentinel
» The Art of War: From the Trenches to the Classroom; Workshop at The U.S. Army Heritage Center
» Susquehanna Life: 'The Art of War' "
» News 12 - Brooklyn: Brooklyn artist Nina Talbot unveils ‘Veterans’ exhibit at Bronx Museum
» Bronx Times: Vets’ stories at Bronx Museum
» I Said Infantry, By Brian Turner, August 15, 2014, Guernica Magazine

VETERANS series is travelling to The Puffin Cultural Forum

Poetry Performance by Veterans, Friday, March 27, 7 pm

Vietnam on My Mind
March 7- April 26, 2015
20 Puffin Way
Teaneck, NJ 07666-4111

Exhibition of Vietnam Veteran paintings, US Department of Veterans Affairs Museum, 2n Floor, 245 W. Houston Street, NYC, m-f 8:30-4, Novemeber 19-January 20, 2013

VETERANS series of paintings

November 19, 2012 - July 15, 2014
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Museum
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"Arts of War" website sponsored by Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)
Images of Talbot's Vietnam Veteran paintings: LaSalle University - Connelly Library Digital Collections- Imaginative Representations of the Vietnam War Collection

Available: VETERANS catalogue (54 pages)

Corresponding to exhibit, VETERANS, at U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center
Art: Nina Talbot
Soldiers’ Stories: Sophie Rand
Editors: Mike Perry and Amanda Neal
Published by U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, PA
ISBN # 978-0-9790138-5
$12.50 plus .75 tax and shipping.
Call to order AHEC Museum shop: 717-258-1102, ext. 7
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A mini portfolio of ten cards with images from corresponding exhibit of paintings by Nina Talbot and stories by Sophie Rand

Limited edition of 50
Measures 8.5” x 5.75” closed, 8.5” x 11.5” open
Arches black cover
$15. Plus tax and shipping.   
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Painting Brooklyn Stories catalogue cover

Painting Brooklyn Stories catalogue,
with paintings by Nina Talbot & poems by Esther Cohen

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book cover of Sophie's Stories

Sophie's Stories

A children's book written and illustrated by Nina Talbot

» Available on Amazon

A young girl investigates her great-grandmother’s life, and in the process learns about the many other lives of immigrant workers in the local supermarket when she and her mother shop for the ingredients for her great-grand-mother’s recipe for cookies. Sophie comes away with a lot more than the ingredients for the cookies; she has learned histories of real people from around the world.

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